Celebrating long nights and perseverance.

Congratulations, you've made it!! Long nights in the library, watching the sunrise from your dorm room window, Zoom University, it's over!!! Check out Johsten's for your grad stoles, gowns, cords, and additional regalia, and let's schedule a Senior Session. We can pop some champagne, splash in the ocean, or throw final exams from a mountaintop. Anywhere and everywhere is your playground. I love traveling, learning about your favorite experiences in school, and reflecting on your accomplishments with ya.

We'll grab your traditional cap and gown photos for the fam to frame on the wall as well as some candid & creative portraits that highlight the best of you. The sky and your future is the limit!

I shoot Senior Portraits throughout the year covering schools based in the San Diego area. Reach out and let's do this :)