kind words


"We absolutely LOVED working with Joy for our engagement and wedding! From the minute you meet her, Joy puts you at ease.

It never felt transactional with Joy - she was always attentive and generous with her time and expertise, making it feel like we were hanging out with a close friend rather than a hired photographer. Even during the whirlwind of our wedding day, Joy ensured we stayed focused on each other rather than the minor details.

She is able to capture the intimate, personal shots that reflect the true nature of the unique love two people share while blending in a cinematic element to her photography. Her artist's eye for composition, framing, light and shadow, and angles created stunning captures of our engagement shoot and wedding day.

We never felt rushed or dictated by Joy, as she always provided just the right amount of direction for us not to feel forced or overly posed. Since we had never taken professional photos before, her professional guidance made a huge difference! It was at her advice that we elected for a mostly documentary style wedding [perspective], and we are so happy we did because it not only allowed us to stay focused on each other but also for the full spectrum of emotions from the day to be felt in each picture!" - Angela & Bao


Capturing Individuality.